BROWZ has provided supplier qualification and management solutions since 2001. Working with the world’s largest organizations, including respected Fortune 50 brands, BROWZ has the proven expertise to provide supplier qualification and management, whether you have an existing program or are starting from scratch.

BROWZ serves more than 35 industries, including utilities, oil and gas, chemical, pharmaceutical, manufacturing, mining, cement and aggregate, facility management, engineering, construction, forestry products, performance fibers, municipalities/public services, food and beverage, steel, entertainment, real estate, transportation, food packaging and distribution and more. 

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BROWZ is particularly proud of our people, who have highly specialized skills and professional training related to all areas of supplier qualification and management. We employ experts in several key areas, including health, safety, environment, insurance, risk, and corporate social responsibility.

Professional Services

“Technology alone won’t make your supplier qualification program a success.”

When it’s time to develop your supplier qualification program, we will be ready to assist you, sharing more than a decade’s worth of best practices to ensure a successful implementation. We will be a liaison between you and your suppliers, offering expertise and training. We will be your long-term partner to improve and manage your program.

Product and Technology

“We make the promise of ‘The Right Fit’ a reality.”

We configure our products to meet your needs, but we don’t stop there. We listen to you and continue to innovate new products and solutions, digging deeper into the areas of hidden risk that might go unnoticed.

Safety Professionals

“Expertise is more than just book knowledge, it’s experience.”

You’ll never need to guess at the right level of assessment for your supply chain. We consult with the world’s most respected brands to create or enhance supplier qualification systems that improve safety cultures. And we’ll do it for you.

Registration Team

“The initial outreach and communication to your suppliers is critical to the overall success of your compliance program.”

We contact each of your suppliers directly, inviting them to participate in your supply chain qualification program, then report back on the status of each invitation.

Assessment and Audit Team

“Don't risk the reputation of your company by relying on information that hasn't been verified.”

We validate your suppliers’ submitted data for accuracy and compliance. Our rigorous assessments include:

  • Document validity
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Validation against public and private databases
  • Conformance with your corporate standards

Supplier Support Team

“It's easier to ask for help when you know who you're talking to.”

We assign a single point of contact to each of your suppliers—they’ll speak to the same person every time they need help. Someone familiar with your unique business requirements will be guiding your suppliers on an ongoing basis to help them achieve and maintain compliance.


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Supporting customers around the world
BROWZ is headquartered in Salt Lake City, with offices in New York City, Toronto, London, Düsseldorf, and Sydney to support our customers around the globe.

Our Partners In Quality

When it comes to compliance, we understand the importance of accurate assessment and qualification. BROWZ validates all supplier data against applicable regulatory databases, including the EPA, OSHA, MSHA, SAM.gov, DOT, BLS, and many more.

We also partner with third parties to enhance submitted data and provide you with the most complete view of your supply chain. Our partners in quality include Experian, Dun & Bradstreet, and Predictive Compliance.

In addition to maintaining quality, verified data, BROWZ also aligns with industry-leading organizations to stay informed about topics that are important to our customers, including data privacy, security, safety, sustainability, and government regulation.