contractor & supplier FAQs

Why do we need to register with BROWZ if we already sent all our information to our customer?

Your customer wants to verify that everyone going on-site is meeting the same standards. This protects your company, as you can rest assured everyone is meeting the same company standards and no one is undercutting your bids by cutting corners.

When you submit the necessary documents directly to BROWZ, you will know whether you have met the specified  requirements. Your BROWZ supplier support team member will help during this process so nothing is overlooked. Furthermore, BROWZ will proactively reach out to you for updated documents as deadlines approach. This helps to protect you from lost work or lapsed insurance policies.

Why is there a fee to the contractor? What does this fee cover?

BROWZ assigns a single point of contact to you to help you understand your customer’s requirements and assist you on each step of the way to achieve compliance. All submitted documentation and data are reviewed and maintained in an electronic database available to you at any time. We will also reach out to you as deadlines and expiration dates approach to make sure no documents lapse, keeping you in compliance and work-ready at any moment.

As part of your annual BROWZ membership, you are also eligible to create an InTouch Profile—a company profile page that promotes your business to additional BROWZ customers. Once activated, all hiring organizations and site operators within the BROWZ network will be able to find and review your company profile and connect with you.

Am I able to have as many customers as I want on the account for the initial registration cost?

Because each customer has different requirements and requests for information, there is a nominal fee for each client added to your account with BROWZ.

Is this a one-time fee, or annual?

Because each customer has different requirements and requests for information, The fee is annual and will cover your account subscription for one year from the date of your initial registration with BROWZ.

What documentation will be required from us?

The documents that you need to submit to BROWZ are completely based on your customer’s request for their contractors, suppliers, and vendors. Each customer is different and may require more or less documentation depending on the type of work you do; some examples of requested documentation include insurance certificates, risk assessments, safety statistics, citation history, certifications, corporate policies, or safety guidelines.

Do we pay a fee and then we are in compliance? Is compliance a one-time process?

The registration fee allows you to set up an account with BROWZ. Once your account is active and your registration payment has been applied, you will be asked to submit documentation as required by your customers. BROWZ reviews each document to make sure your customer’s requirements are being met and helps you each step of the way. Once all the requirements from the customer are met, your account is then set to a “Compliant” status with a green checkmark.

Throughout the year, BROWZ will notify you in advance of any expirations and will ask you to resubmit documentation to remain certified as “Compliant.”

How do we pay the fee?

Most contractors, suppliers, and vendors choose to pay via credit card. This activates your account right away and allows your customers to see that you have started the compliance process. You can pay via phone or by logging into your BROWZ account. If you need help, call us (888 276 9952), or click here.

You can also do an electronic funds transfer to BROWZ. Your invoice will include instructions for all the payment methods we accept. Please call your BROWZ representative or our customer service line for more information. 

Do you automatically charge my credit card each year?

The renewal fee will NOT be automatically charged to your credit card. For security reasons, BROWZ does not keep any credit card information on file. When your registration’s expiration date is approaching, you will receive an invoice instructing to  pay online, by phone, or via bank transfer. This will activate your account for another 12 months after the expiration date.

How does the qualification process begin?

After activating your account through payment, a support team member will contact you via email or phone within the following business week to review your next steps. You’re immediately able to start the online questionnaire. You’ll be asked to fill out information about your company and submit any requested documentation. Your dedicated support person will reach out to you to assist in submitting the required information and documents for your customer.  

How much time does this take so that I can be on-site?

This is largely dependent on the individual contractor, vendor, or supplier. You may need more time to collect and submit the necessary documents. Once received, BROWZ will review each piece of data to make sure it meets your customer’s requirements and will display a compliant status if all requirements are met. If you have to be on-site soon, please notify your support person right away so that we will process your documents accordingly.

How much time from me or my employees does this process usually take to complete?

The time it will take for your company to be verified as in compliance depends on your company and how quickly you are able to submit all the required documentation. Information can be submitted by email or by uploading the documents to your new account online. Your support person is available to help and streamline the process as much as possible. If you have to be on-site soon, please notify your support person right away so that we will process your documents accordingly. 

Why is my customer using BROWZ?

Your customer wants assurance that every contractor, vendor, or supplier entering their facilities is safety conscious. To simplify this process, your customer is working with BROWZ instead of having internal staff review the information you provide; by working with us, we assume the risk to ensure the correct documentation was received and meets your customer’s standards.

Should an accident occur, such as property damage, injury, or death, every company on-site knows that the correct insurance policies were held and safety requirements were met prior to entering the facility.

Whom can I speak with to verify my customer is using BROWZ?

The best way to learn more about this is to reach out to your local contact with your customer to inquire about BROWZ. Some companies have a corporate contact in charge of their transition to BROWZ. In those situations, the contact’s name can be provided to you. Please contact us with any questions you might have. When possible, an online meeting will be held to explain the process. You can also view letters specific to implementations here.

By registering with BROWZ, am I guaranteed work?

Your customers want to hire companies that meet their standards, are qualified to perform the work at hand, and present the least amount of risk to their business. BROWZ helps you demonstrate compliance with their requirements. By registering with BROWZ and submitting the required information to remain compliant, you won’t be guaranteed work, but you’ll be verified as qualified to work for your customers.

Who defines the requirements?

Your customer defines the requirements based on the type of work you perform for them. BROWZ will help you to understand those requirements and show you the fastest path to compliance.

How do I submit documentation?

Once you’ve paid for your annual membership, you can log in to BROWZ and upload your documents securely through the web.

Who do I contact for support?

BROWZ assigns a single point of contact to you to help you every step of the way. If you do not know who your support person is, please contact us here.

How will I know when I'm compliant?

All information on compliance status is made available to you using intuitive icons in BROWZ. BROWZ sends both personal and automated notifications regarding your compliance status and any deficiencies. You can also speak with your supplier support team member at any time to review your status.

What do I do if I can't meet a requirement?

Depending upon the requirement, your supplier support team member will be able to provide you with options.

I was told by my customer to register with BROWZ. How do I get started?

If you have a key and code to register with BROWZ, click here. If you do not know your key and code, call BROWZ at 888 276 9952 or contact us here.

I never received a letter from my customer explaining the new process with BROWZ. Can I get a copy of this letter?

You can view implementation letters here. If you cannot locate your customer’s implementation letter, call BROWZ at 888 276 9952 or contact us here to receive the letter from your customer.

I lost the letter I received from my customer. Can I get another copy?

You can view implementation letters here. If you cannot locate your customer’s implementation letter, call BROWZ at 888 276 9952 or contact us here to receive the letter from your customer.

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Bill registers with BROWZ.

He submits his qualification data online.

Bill receives personal support from BROWZ.

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BROWZ validates Bill’s data and displays his compliance status using intuitive icons.

How Do I Get Started?
  1. Click here, or call 888 276 9952 to register.
  2. A personal support person will help you submit all required compliance data and answer your questions.
  3. Complete your customer’s online questionnaire and submit supporting documentation to BROWZ as requested by your customer.Get Started Today

“Having our safety and insurance information disseminated to our clients from a single source is very helpful and time saving. But the best factor is the ease with which BROWZ makes this possible.”

Earl Scoggins, Ledbetter Industrial LLC