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SURE Audit™ is available as an add-on to SURE Qualify, when greater levels of risk are anticipated in your supply chain.

With SURE Audit™, BROWZ provides a configurable and intuitive approach to supply chain assessment.  The BROWZ approach recognizes that the supply chain is not static and, if not subject to a broad range of due diligence, it can leave your business exposed not only from a brand equity perspective but also financially. Risk is not always predictable or restricted to health and safety compliance. Addressing supply chain risks involving from Tier 1 suppliers through to small businesses requires a multi-functional approach.

Audit Program Development

The BROWZ audit protocols have been developed based on the following criteria:

  • Regulatory Compliance – Country Specific
  • Industry Best Practices
  • Client specific requirements
BROWZ SURE Audit helps our clients assess suppliers’ corporate capability and management systems compliance in over 30 industry verticals and multiple regions around the globe.  

BROWZ in-house experts work closely with the client to develop audit protocols that produce objective evidence and results that can be used to assess and improve their supplier’s safety programs.

The unique work environment of our client’s workplaces, risk tolerance, and safety culture creates the need for BROWZ to offer a wide range of supplier auditing and assessment to meet their needs. BROWZ utilizes auditing options that includes compliance audits and best practice assessments.


BROWZ is a proud Co-Sponsor of the OSHA Safety Work Place Sound Business campaign which fosters a proactive approach to managing workplace hazards before they cause injury or illness. 

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The essence of the core audit product is to ascertain a supplier’s ability to write a compliant written safety program. Collaboratively, BROWZ and each host employer create a unique audit protocol for its supply chain companies. The client determines which safety standards are critical to their operation, and those supplier programs that need to be present for client viewing within the dashboard. A Client Sign-Off document establishes the critical programs, comparative standard, and element questions for the audit protocol.

A list of client desired non-critical programs can also be created. BROWZ will assess the presence of the client desired non-critical programs within the supplier list of uploaded written safety programs. In doing so, the client has access to fully audited critical programs, and accesses other safety programs it may want to reference while the supplier is on-site. This two tier approach provides the client and their suppliers the most cost effective approach to program assessment and visibility. 

The US written safety program audit model is based on compliance with federal OSHA standards. BROWZ audit checklists consist of General Industry or Construction standards – depending on which critical program is being audited.

For critical programs, most clients select what has been referred to as the ‘BROWZ Big 6’:  

  1. Fall Protection, 1926.501 - .503
  2. Personal Protective Equipment, 1910.132
  3. Hazard Communication, 1910.1200
  4. Emergency Action Plan, 1910.38
  5. Confined Space Entry, 1926.1201
  6. Lockout/Tagout, 1910.147

BROWZ also has the capability to audit against other OSHA Federal regulations, and client specific requirements as ‘best practice’ audits.


Developed from OSHA’s new SH Management System Guidelines, this assessment is designed to determine the ability of the supplier to work safely for the client. Unlike most audits, the Safety Management System Assessment uses leading indicator criteria, to assess how the supplier integrates safety into their business plan. The assessment is divided into seven sub-categories:

  1. Management Leadership,
  2. Worker Participation,
  3. Hazard Identification & Assessment,
  4. Hazard Prevention & Control,
  5. Education & Training,
  6. Program Evaluation/Improvement, and
  7. Communication/Coordination for Host Employers, Contractors and Staffing Agencies.

The assessment directly benefits suppliers by providing them with a valuable gap analysis to help them focus on where to improve their safety program.

Safety Management System Assessments are conducted via WebEx video, or in-person at the supplier’s headquarters.

To learn more, watch the BROWZ webinar Contractor Safety Beyond Compliance: Modeling OSHA's Header Image_Website.pngrecommended best practices for contractor management. This webinar covers how the many pieces of safety/health are put together to fit into a larger management system where the whole is greater than the sum parts, and details how businesses can utilize the seven core elements to assess their supply chain companies using a beyond compliance approach to vetting their suppliers. View the webinar here

The BROWZ Background Program Audit addresses an often overlooked assumption that supplier companies conduct background checks of their employees prior to hire. The audit experience and results have provided BROWZ clients and their supply chain companies’ vital information to close process gaps & provide assurances that all site workers undergo a thorough background check.

BROWZ can also collaborate with its clients to create other specialized audits/assessments.

SURE Audit Implementation & Disposition

BROWZ’s configurable solutions allow for flexibility in audit implementation and disposition:

  • Implemented across the entire supply chain, or to a specifically indicated sub-set
  • For desktop compliance audits, suppliers have the ability to re-submit a deficient or missing program audit, and have it re-audited. BROWZ will re-audit suppliers written programs until they become compliant.
  • Suppliers have the ability to request to the client to ‘opt-out’, if a portion of the audit protocol does not apply to the work they do for the client
  • Managed as either a pass/fail or continuous improvement program
  • Scored or non-scored, and posted in both the client and supplier dashboard
  • Audit results can also be delivered outside of the client dashboard, and be e-mailed directly to the client

To help prepare suppliers for upcoming audits, BROWZ offers suppliers a single point of contact to help them understand what is being requested by the client. As an example, BROWZ will forward audit/assessment question sets in advance of auditing. This advance notification helps suppliers focus on preparing their evidence in addressing audit questions - greatly reducing the time it takes to become compliant with the host client’s requirements.

To maintain our independent third-party auditor status, BROWZ will not provide suppliers templates for missing/deficient programs. However, BROWZ will provide suppliers with a single point of contact, which programs were missing, and which audit questions were not addressed. The BROWZ contact will also provide the supplier with options on where to find support and assistance for closing program deficiencies. 

“BROWZ provides a solution consistent with our company’s commitment to workplace safety. As a member of a global community, we value the well-being of our employees and business partners.”

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