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BROWZ is the configurable supply chain qualification and management solutions expert. BROWZ assures supply chain qualification through comprehensive assessments and patented, configurable technology, providing confidence of a safer work environment to clients and contractors around the world. So why do world-class companies choose BROWZ?

Low cost of ownership

Don’t let the cost of a prequalification program hurt your relationship with contractors. If you look at what contractors pay under the competition versus what a contractor pays with BROWZ, there is a drastic difference. BROWZ doesn’t charge based on the number of employees a contractor has or the number of sites a contractor may work, we charge based on the level of assessment for each contractor.

Configured to meet your needs

Your business is unique, and so are your compliance needs. Contractors get frustrated when asked for requirements that don’t make sense based upon the type of work they provide. So, we partner with you to identify areas of risk in your supply chain and segment your suppliers based on the amount of risk they present to your business. We prefer this methodology rather than a one-size-fits-all approach to supplier screening because it avoids asking for too little information. BROWZ delivers a solution configured to the exact needs of your business. This is not the case with our competitors.

Personalized service

BROWZ has a stellar reputation for customer service. Each of your contractors will be assigned a single-point-of-contact for support. BROWZ will personally contact each of your contractors to educate them about your requirements and the fastest path to compliance. We’ll also provide support as they complete your qualification process and continue that support through the lifetime of their membership. We’re so serious about providing excellent service that we have built a module (Insight) that provides you full transparency into the support we provide to your contractors, Insight gives you visibility into the phone calls, document reviews, and other activities we’re performing on your behalf to assist your suppliers in becoming and staying compliant.

Designed for large and small contractors alike

The BROWZ platform can include all your contractors, suppliers, and vendors – even small and mom and pop shops and sole proprietors. This is a challenge for some of our competition. BROWZ’s risk rating, pricing strategy, and customer service allows us to be all inclusive.

Ease of use / Intuitive software

We designed our software to be both powerful and intuitive. Our software platform, BROWZ OneView™ provides meaningful insight into your supply chain. We believe that effective contractor management isn’t just about flashy charts and graphs; it’s about interpreting data, so you can make sound business decisions and reduce risk exposure for your organization. Our customers tell us how much they love the ease of use and intuitive nature of our platform and deep richness of the capabilities of the system. They also love our mobile technology which provides them with access to data on the go or at remote facilities around the world.

Seamless program transition

BROWZ has been very successful migrating several clients from their current program to the BROWZ platform/service. FROM onboarding and configuration to operational support, we do everything we can to ensure a seamless transition from your current program to BROWZ. You can read through some recent case studies on clients and suppliers who have successfully transitioned to BROWZ.

Innovation and first to market

BROWZ has the reputation for being first to market. The first to be accepted into the prestigious Campbell Institute (part of the National Safety Council). The first to introduce true mobile apps – both for our clients as well as for BROWZ contractors. BROWZ in committed to mobile technology and is planning to roll out other mobile capabilities over the next year. BROWZ introduced a new product to the market, SURE Carrier™ which helps our clients evaluate and monitor their motor carriers. Elaine Beitler, our CEO, was just selected to be on the board of directors of The National Safety Council – that is also a first. We just redesigned our post-job evaluation functionality which allows you to evaluate the performance of your contractors and consistently hire the best company for your job. BROWZ is consistently innovating in response to client request.

Executive involvement

BROWZ CEO, Elaine Beitler and the entire executive team at BROWZ is committed to the success of our customers. Our customers are very important to BROWZ, and you will be treated as such. You have direct access to the executive team who will do what needs to be done to make a partnership with you tremendously successful.

Stellar references

We are proud of the companies we work with and we’re equally as proud with what they think of BROWZ. But don’t take our word for it, hear for yourself reviews from our clients. Our first client from 15 years ago is still a satisfied partner with BROWZ. Today, the world’s leading organizations in over 35 industries choose BROWZ as their solution for contractor prequalification and management.

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